Senior SEO Executive

Location: Sydney
Position Type: Full Time

About The Role:

We’re looking for someone who wants to take a peak behind the curtain: to understand how the internet works and to leverage it as a marketer.

Someone who’s always been intrigued about SEO and what it takes to rank a site over other.

We want someone willing to work hard and learn fast, who can build a deep understanding of the infrastructure of the web and use that knowledge to specialise in any area of digital.

You will be responsible for:

  • Keyword Research & mapping
  • Provide Title & Meta Descriptions
  • Identify opportunities for internal links (finding keyword mentions on a website and fill out a table with source URL, target URL, anchor text)
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Content Briefs
  • IA Recommendations
  • Technical audits
  • Page Speed recommendations & Web Vitals analysis
  • SXO Audit
  • EAT Audit
  • URL Parameter Analysis
  • Toxic link analysis

About you:

You like a good escape room, to find a solution that is hidden in plain sight, and to gain a deeper knowledge of the things you use every day. You have an affinity with technology: maybe you’ve built your own computer, or you really understand what will make a TikTok video work when others don’t.

You can turn a graph into a story and you can influence other people to achieve your goals. You’re a team player and can collaborate closely with people who have different roles than you: including your colleagues in the content and outreach teams.

You must have:

  • Approx 2-3 years of relevant SEO experience
  • Great communication, organisation and project management skills.
  • Be able to present to an audience and get on the phone with a client.
  • Able to cope with conflicting demands and prioritise tasks.
  • Ability to find solutions to new problems.
  • Be kind and emotionally intelligent: you know how to treat people with respect and care, and make any team you’re part of better because of it.


Some skills that are not necessary but highly appreciated:

  • Skilled with data and insights. You can read graphs, know how to build a narrative from data and are good with numbers and spreadsheets in general.
  • Good with words and people. You know what and how to say things to captivate an audience, no matter if you’re selling an idea or writing a post.
  • Understand marketing. You know the basics of marketing, including product, channels and audiences. 
  • Good grasp on culture. You know what’s trending and what people are discussing around the water cooler. You’re generally recommending a new movie or artist before they go viral and can banter for hours.
  • Some line management experience, working with and upskilling more junior team members. 

About Orange Line:

Orange Line is an end-to-end digital marketing agency with a strong history of success across some of the world’s most respected brands. At Orange Line, we place a significant focus on culture, innovation and growth. We want our staff to enjoy our work environment and offer a clear progressive path, social calendar and work/life balance.  

The Orange Line family is a fun, friendly and easy-going bunch. We’re looking for someone to compliment our dynamic team, seek out solutions when challenges arise, take constructive feedback well and add to our environment with a smashing sense of humour.

Why work for us?

We work with some of the biggest and most interesting businesses globally, such as AWS, Atlassian, ClassPass & SkyScanner. Our SEO game is way ahead of the curve and you’ll have access to some of the most experienced SEOs in the country (and out of it). We have a young team, a great culture, flexible work arrangements with 3 WFH days per week and development programs that will allow you to be fast-tracked into an industry leader.

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