A Successful partnership for over 6 years across Search, Social, Content and Digital PR.


Expedia was not getting the attention they required from large search and social agency incumbents.

Consequently, the largest challenges were:

  • How to prioritize and keep up with the never-ending technical SEO demands of large sites;
  • How to leverage social influencers to generate solid commercial returns;
  • How to use the blog to have a meaningful impact on the Search rankings of the commercia pages.

Expedia have strong in-house SEO capability. They chose Orange Line for our advanced SEO and Social skill sets, as well as our obsession with innovation for commercial gains.

Our Solution

Orange Line worked closely with global teams in Seattle and APAC across SEO, PR, Social and Web development to:

  • Develop and run a powerful Digital PR and content partnerships program to build SEO and Social traffic to the Expedia blog and commercial pages.
  • Provide technical SEO expertise in real-time to Expedia teams based on commercial outcomes.
  • Create an influencer program, as well as select and manage influencers to produce blog and social content over a number of years.
  • Advise and support the Expedia Development team to prioritize and implement SEO changes.
  • Advise the in-house SEO team on prioritisation of projects and resourcing.
  • Create a world-class SEO market share / opportunity analysis tool for the Expedia Group globally.
Data & Intelligence

“These guys have strong attention to detail and are always focused on adding value to the Expedia partnership”

Alistair Lattimore

Senior Director, SEO at Expedia, inc, Seattle