A Soaring Go-to-Market Success Story for an Innovative New Pet Parasite Treatment

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Credelio Plus by Elanco is the smallest oral 4-in-1 endecto parasite preventive for dogs. It launched in 2022 after a soft launch in 2021.


Our challenge was to successfully launch Credelio Plus in a competitive market with some budget constraints. The goal was to establish significant brand recognition and market presence by becoming a recognised brand within the portfolio within the second year of product launch. Additionally, we were aiming for a substantial Year-on-Year (YoY) growth rate to demonstrate the product’s rapid acceptance and adoption in the market.

Our Solution

Credelio Plus’s launch was supported by a comprehensive media strategy to enhance brand visibility and prominence. Our strategy encompassed a well-rounded demographic reach to establish strong mental presence, ultimately driving maximum sales impact.

We initiated our approach by segmenting the audience, delving into their media consumption habits and gaining a deep understanding of their attitudes, interests and lifestyle factors that could influence our media planning. This knowledge was gleaned from our experiences in media activities throughout 2022.

Our strategy incorporated a multichannel approach, with a primary focus on audio-visual mediums, as research has shown that multimedia campaigns tend to yield a higher return on investment compared to single-media efforts. We then fine-tuned the mix based on budget constraints to optimise returns and effectiveness.

The media mix encompassed various channels, including television, BVOD, music streaming, out-of-home (OOH), organic social media, paid social media and search engine marketing (SEM). A critical aspect of our strategy was tailoring the creative content to suit each platform and audience segment. This customisation allowed us to deliver messages that resonated with potential customers, leading to better engagement and responses.


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The Result

Prominent Gains: Brand Awareness and Market Share Soar.

Noteworthy rise in prompted brand awareness: 0% to 8% (Jan 2022 – Jul 2023). Market share within endecto sector escalated to 2.04% in FY23

YoY growth rate
0 %

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