Smashing e-commerce growth goals with award-winning journalistic outreach


SEO Strategy

TileCloud is Australia’s leading online tile brand, shaking up the renovation industry with a hassle-free, design-led buying experience.


After analysing the sector and diagnosing a lack of authority and EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) for TileCloud, we knew we needed a PR campaign that could generate awareness and build authority. 

Our goals were to secure high-quality backlinks from top-tier publications, feature TileCloud in a range of specialised decor publications, increase their domain authority and build visibility with the target audience.  

We saw the untapped potential, the stories waiting to be told and the avenues yet to be explored. But we also recognised TileCloud’s apprehension towards the unfamiliar world of PR. 

Our Solution

We combined the power of PR with the tangible metrics of SEO — a domain TileCloud was well-versed in and already valued. Our strategy was to create a journalistic outreach campaign using two of TileCloud’s founders to build high EEAT author personas across as many high-authority, high-relevance avenues as possible. This would allow us to generate link authority and higher EEAT scores for TileCloud and its founders as authors. We could also leverage them to boost existing content by working on onsite EEAT signals.


Opportunity Identification
SEO Strategy

The Result

We doubled visibility and boosted authority by 6 points in 6 months

We more than doubled TileCloud’s visibility and had a 16% uplift in organic traffic, despite a decline in search demand for tiles. TileCloud emerged as an industry expert, frequently sought after for quotes and interviews by major publications, driving highly relevant backlinks to the website. 

Through Drew’s business acumen and Floss’s design insights, we positioned TileCloud as a dual force to be reckoned with, not just as a brand but as a go-to authority in the field.


The Kitchn

We secured coverage for TileCloud in The Kitchn, a very relevant website with a DR of 86 and a perfect audience for TileCloud. The commentary piece on 2024 kitchen tile trends 2024 is exactly TileCloud’s focus. This offered great positioning as experts and trend-setters.

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An exclusive feature that bolstered Drew’s thought leadership and TileCloud’s ethos in the eyes of their audience.

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This backlink from Shopify is a testament to our meticulous strategic outreach, highlighting the blend of PR narratives with impactful SEO results. It exemplifies the high-calibre benefits we secured, going beyond what conventional link-building methods often achieve.

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high-quality backlinks from top-tier publications
specialised features in decor platforms
points increase in domain authority in 6 months

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Tile Cloud

We more than doubled TileCloud’s visibility and had a 16% uplift in organic traffic, despite a decline in search demand for tiles

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Smashing e-commerce growth goals with award-winning journalistic outreach.


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