Breaking Paid Search best practices to scale a mature business.


Paid Media Strategy

OpenAgent is an Australian start-up led by the Westpac-backed venture capital firm Reinventure. They help over 2 million Australians research agents every year.


OpenAgent’s goal was to grow qualified leads by 14% from May to August 2023. The challenge for this mature businesses was to do this profitably, while maintaining the same cost per qualified lead (CPQL).

Our Solution

Our solution was threefold.
1. Leverage latest bidding technology to expand audience reach.
2. Break ad best practices to address the challenge of lower audience relevance that comes with the increased reach.
3. Maximise value from first party data.


Paid Media Strategy


Google Ads Management
Social Media

The Result

Unlocking $1M in additional ad spend at a lower CPQL. Exceeding the growth target by 150%

Our strategy to utilise best in-class bidding technology, break ad copy best practices and maximise value from our first party data allowed us to scale OpenAgent’s mature paid media account profitably. We saw overall qualified leads frow by 36% vs. the 14% target. This helped scale marketing spend by $1M+ annually to drive business growth.

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increase in qualified leads
0 %
Increase in total lead volume
$ 0 M
in additional spend

“As a business with a mature paid search setup, we were at a stage where we needed to find efficiencies in order to scale advertising spend sustainably to drive lead volume. The Orange Line team have worked closely with us to achieve this by testing & implementing the most suitable paid search strategies for our business including, rolling out of broad match keywords and RSA advertisements.

Those initiatives, combined with account restructures and more granular bidding led to a major improvement in our lead acquisition costs, which has allowed us to unlock additional advertising spend – ultimately resulting in a 36% growth in qualified leads. We are excited to see further growth as these strategies are implemented across our account.”

– Samantha Thorne, Head of Marketing, OpenAgent

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